Tonton Hanya Aku Cinta Kau Seorang 2012 (H.A.C.K.S)

"Hnaya Aku Cinta Kau Seorang"(H.A.C.K.S) tells the tale of a women named Murni who is on quest to find her soulmate ,her best friends Mukhlis and Stacy then  convince her to sign up for " Meet Soulmate"',an online dating site ,Although Murni is wary about meeting men online she reluctntly agress to do so ,In actuality,Murni like Mukhlis ,whom she has done everyting with ,but she was heartbrokes when she is led to think that Mukhlis is gay ,and currently dating  a man Ayim ,Soon Murni bestfriends Iqwal and just as she was about to fall for him ,an incident happens that leads her to thinks that \Iqwal gay as well ,Will murni ever be able to find her soulmate?